After Clearing HPV Genital Warts Is the Virus Still In Your Blood Stream?

Recently I got the following email from a woman asking:

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your interest. 3 months ago I had sex with someone. Here they had the warts removed at one time but he never told me. (Which I can’t believe someone would deliberately pass that on to someone). I’m 58 and I’m devastated at this moment. So in the past two months I have had a fowl odor and discharge and I have something down there. As contagious as this is I’m sure I got it. But I need to make an appointment and get a pap smear and get checked to make sure. Do this the right way. Then I will come get your report. Even though the report tells me how to get rid of it. I have read that you keep the virus in your blood stream for the rest of your life. I am having a hard time dealing with this. I’m single and no man will ever want to be with me again. I do have a question I hope you answer me honestly. Have you went to a doctor after you did this? For instance like a year later I know you would want to know if your blood tested still positive for the virus being in your blood stream. IS THE VIRUS STILL IN YOUR BLOOD STREAM? Does it stay with you forever? (Not that if you tell me yes it is still in blood that this would stop me from ordering the report, because it will not. I do plan on ordering it. I think it is a great thing your doing.

I am asked something very similar to this question all the time and have answered it in various ways here on my site, but I wanted to post my specific answer to her question here, because this is such a common misconception and it helps to word it differently so that more people can be absolutely clear on this issue.

Here is what I wrote back to her via email:

Thanks for taking the time to write in. Whenever you go get an STD/STI test that is based on taking a blood sample and testing that, HPV is never on the list of things they report back to you on. You’ll see HIV and a host of other things, but not HPV. That’s because HPV is a skin virus and lives in the skin, not body fluids. So it’s not really in the same class as other things people normally call an STD or STI. It’s true that it can stay in the skin for a very long time and a person’s body makes a copy of all virii it ever gets, so in a sense it can stay with you for life, but just not in a way that is very meaningful. Whether a person burns out the wart roots with a laser, freezes them, or uses something like my home treatments, the overall goal is to get rid of the root so that it can’t replicate anymore and come back to haunt you later on down the line. There are plenty of people who clear this up all the time and never have anything come back after that. Luckily, I was one of them and this was over 11 years now since I had the misfortune of dealing with it. After I cleared it up, I was paranoid for about 8 months after that and I started to live normally again after that. When I was checked out over a year later, nothing was detected. HPV is often detected by skin/cell sample, which is why a lot of women find out about it after a visit to the GYN getting a pap test. For guys, that obviously doesn’t happen, so the warts are almost always detected visually and he goes to the doctor, it is only for the doctors professional opinion as to what it is when he takes a look at it. Very rarely do they take skin samples from a guy and send it off to get tested. This is another reason why a lot of people end up not sure what they really have; doctors opinions can vary even when looking at the exact same bump on someone.

She wrote back:

thank you Greg so much. I’m making my appointment in the morning. I go to a family planning place that usually takes 3 weeks to get in. I will be in touch as soon as I find out. Thank you for telling me what I need to ask for. May God bless you, protect you always.

This is one of the things I love about helping people via my website every day. And if you think you have genital warts and would like to get rid of them in what I believe to be the cheapest, least invasive method possible, then I urge you to get my report and 50 minute instructional video that tells everything you need to know to get rid of genital warts fast and for good. My report and video comes with my full support via email if you ever need to ask me any questions during your treatment. There is literally no one else who offers this service and certainly not for so little money.

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Thank you!

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