When Is The Best Time To Boost The Immune System When Treating Genital Warts?

Matt writes:

Hi Greg,

I just bought your report and video, and while reading, I noticed it didn’t really say if I should start boosting my immune system as soon as possible, or wait until the warts have disappeared. Also, as far as boosting the immune system, would you recommend that I do the 30 day regimen first, before using the 3-day regimen or can I just do all of it at the same time?


My answer:

Good question. The reason I did not mention it more specifically in my report is because I haven’t really found a universal “best time” to boost the immune system while doing the treatment. It mostly comes down to a matter of personal preference based on your knowledge of your own health history. I’ve had people do it both ways; either do the immune boosting while doing the main treatment, or waiting until they’re clear. Regardless of which you go with, the main focus should be on the main topical treatments and figuring out which one is going to work best in your case due to experimentation and giving it the right amount of time to work.

The normal protocol for following the treatments is to try method 1 for 10 days or so and see if there are any changes in how the warts look during that time. If so, continue with it until they’re gone OR until you reach a point where they’ve stopped improving. If you don’t see changes after 10 days of method 1, then switch to method 2 which is more powerful. On some people its possible for method 1 to have no effect at all, while method 2 makes all the difference, so that’s why the first part of the treatment is just experimenting to find out which one is best. This seems to take care of MOST of the people who get my report. Very few people have to advance beyond that point.

Probably the most common thing I’ve seen people do is run a portion of the 30 day immune boosting regimen while doing the main topical treatments. I say “a portion” because a lot of people have an intolerance to higher levels of folic acid, so they cut that part of it out, which I think is fine. Keep in mind I got those numbers from an Encyclopedia of Health dealing specifically with HPV so they are not “my” numbers per se and I think the folic acid they list is a bit crazy high. At the same time, there are good reasons why they did it that way. If a person can tolerate it, they can go the full regimen, but I would test out the folic acid portion first and make sure it doesn’t give you any trouble. The rest of it is fine and never seems to give anyone any problems whatsoever. As for the 3-day regimen, it is optional but tends to help people who have a history of immune system weakness. Since I can’t possibly know everyone’s history and current situation, I just offer it as an option “just in case” so that my report covers the widest possible range of situations to help as many people overcome genital warts for good as I can.

For everyone else reading this post who is still considering getting my report and instructional video…

If you get my report online through the website using a credit or debit card, you can download it instantly in Adobe PDF format to your computer or phone. Then just read through it (takes about 10 to 15 minutes), watch the video if you want more details, and go to the store to get what you need. Then come back home and start the treatment. For most people, the average time to get rid of them is in the range of 2 to 3 weeks, although some people are quicker or take a little longer. Just depends on the person.

If you go back to the front page of the site you can start the order process by entering your name and email at the right side of the page. Click the button, then it will take you to the secure checkout where you can use any credit or debit card (or PayPal) to complete the purchase and download the report immediately. The link to the video is on the first page of the report for convenience.

And if you have any questions along the way just email me and I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

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