If You Had Genital Warts A Long Time Ago, Are You OK Today?

In some form or another, this is a question I get fairly often:

“Good afternoon, Greg. Your replies and information are very helpful. I had genital warts [many years] ago, didn’t realize exactly what it was and my doctor didn’t explain anything. I was very young and was treated by an acid burning treatment 3 times in about a 3 week period. Never came back, no pap issues at anytime. After being married twice and 3 children later do you think the virus is gone? Thank you!”


After that many years, most likely you’re ok now. The burning treatments don’t always get the genital wart roots for everyone (which is why they come back on a lot of people after having that treatment) but it does work well sometimes. Perhaps you were some of the “sometimes” cases 🙂 HPV is in the skin, not the blood, etc so after awhile of nothing coming back, there is only so much a person can do. Even the CDC says that after 2 years of being clear, the chances of it being gone for good go up dramatically (we are always speaking in probabilities here, so the chances are never “zero” but they do decrease some after 6 months and dramatically after 2 years, and a little more each year thereafter as well.)

My report and instructional video are mainly for people who have an active case of warts right now that they can see and reach in order to use the treatments daily and clear them away. Someone who does not currently have an active case can still make use of SOME of the info in my report/video, but will not be able to use the main topical treatments UNLESS there is a cleared area you want to test to see if it agitates any wart roots that might still be under the surface of the skin. However, if it has been a very long time, chances are there are no more roots or else they would have shown themselves by now.

As always, my report and video can be had by going back to the front page of this site and entering your name and email on the form at the right-hand side of the page. If you get my report online through the website using a credit or debit card, you can download it instantly in Adobe PDF format to your computer or phone. Then just read through it (takes about 10 to 15 minutes), watch the video if you want more details, and go to the store to get what you need. Then come back home and start the treatment. For most people, the average time to get rid of them is in the range of 2 to 3 weeks, although some people are quicker or take a little longer. Just depends on the person.

If you go back to the front page of the site you can start the order process by entering your name and email at the right side of the page. Click the button, then it will take you to the secure checkout where you can use any credit or debit card (or PayPal) to complete the purchase and download the report immediately. The link to the video is on the first page of the report for convenience.

And if you have any questions along the way just email me and I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

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