How To Prevent Future Genital Warts Outbreaks

The other day, a woman named Kate wrote in to ask me:

Hi Greg, thank you for all your work on this. I’ve recently met a man who disclosed his long history of recurring genital warts; he is currently having them frozen off again at hospital – showed me the scabs on his penis and basically sex is off the agenda. I shall get your report for him; will it be OK for him to use your methods while continuing his hospital treatment or will it interfere or cause problems/pain? He’s unlikely to want to stop the freezing treatment but can your method run along side it too? Very keen that this clears up for him and quickly! Many thanks, Kate.

And I wrote back and said:

Hi Kate,

Thanks for taking the time to write in. Yes, he should be able to use my report as an extra bit of insurance; there have been plenty of people get it for that very reason over the years. The only thing I would caution is that if he has actual irritation from the freezing treatments (meaning, painful to touch or somehow unusually sensitive) then it would be best to wait for awhile after that goes away before starting method 2 in my report as a preventative measure. However, method 1 could be used pretty much any time.

If there is any irritation from either a burning or freezing treatment from the doctor, one of the most helpful ways people have discovered how to heal it quickly is by using aloe vera gel on the area. Since aloe vera gel is very helpful in healing raw, red, and sunburned skin, it is also helpful in recovering from skin irritation as a result of burning or freezing treatments for genital warts. Using that first will allow him to use my methods after the irritation has healed.

The next issue is whether he still has any genital warts left over after the freezing treatment. If so, obviously he can treat those directly using the methods in my report. The two main methods absorb into the skin to attack the root of the wart directly. But if the area is totally clear and he is just wanting to use my methods as a preventative measure, that’s fine too. All he would need to do is treat the clear areas where the warts used to be for a minimum of 2 weeks, then take a break and see if anything tries to come back after that point. If it does, hit that area with method 2 from my report until it goes away.

In some cases this can be like playing a game of “whack-a-mole” where you clear up one area and then warts pop up in another. This is a good thing and it’s just part of the process in SOME cases. That’s because sometimes when there are wart roots under the skin that haven’t come up yet, they can get agitated by my genital warts treatment and go ahead and reveal themselves and swelling sometimes goes along with that. As long as it is not actual skin irritation (which is something that is sometimes confused for more coming up) then that’s what is going on. Generally it’s a good thing because it allows you to see where everything is to target it more effectively.

Thank you,

And that was the end of my e-mail.

By the way, to get my report and 50 minute video where I show how to do everything in detail, go back to the front page of my website here and enter your name and email in the box on the right side of the page to get started. It’s only $27 and comes with my FULL SUPPORT if you ever need to ask any questions specific to your situation. I’ve helped a lot of people with genital warts over the last 10+ years so there isn’t much I haven’t heard at this point. I can help you too.

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