Why Some Genital Warts Treatments Let The Warts Come Back

A man from Pakistan wrote to me today to ask:

Dear Greg,

Thanks for your instant follow up.

I am actually worried about these genital warts and using wartec cream for 3 weeks and it is not producing satisfactory results. I am worried how to get rid of these.

Actually the first time i got wart on my hand 10 years ago then on my toes. They were gone after some treatment. After 5 years i got warts under my penis and i used wartec cream at it had gone. After 1 year it came back and i repeat the same cream.

Now its back again. I got multiple warts near my testicles and at the end of thigh. I am using the cream since 3 weeks but i got just irritation and swelling.

I did all the treatments after consulting doctor. Now i am getting worried about these warts that how can i fix it permanently and also protect my partner.

My confidence is shaken and i am confused what to do.

In short i am activating my visa card in few days and will get your report if it can help. I am not sure whether the medicine you suggested is easily available or not available in my country Pakistan.

I would be great full for your response.


My response to him:

Thank you for taking the time to write in and explain your situation. Your experience with Wartec is a common thing I hear about from a lot of similar treatments that do not get the root of the wart.

A lot of the people who get my report have gone through similar treatments of burning/freezing/creams and apple cider vinegar and all that. The problem with this stuff is it rarely works and when it appears to, it only gets the surface part of the wart and leaves the root underneath which is how it eventually comes back about 2 or 3 months later – or in your case even some years later, although that is more rare. The 2 main treatments in my report absorb in through the skin to get at the root (or in some cases gain direct access to the root if the structure of the wart will allow it) and shrink it down to where when the wart goes away, there is no root left under the skin for anything in the future to start with.

It’s like removing seeds from the soil in a garden, so that no more plants can grow.

That’s how the whole process becomes like a game of “whack-a-mole” where you get rid of all of them in one area, but you may have roots in other areas – so you just treat those next and eventually you should reach a point where nothing comes back at all. Then you just wait 6 months and as long as nothing comes back during that time, chances are you can go on and live normally again.

Pakistan is not a country I hear from very often, but there have been people from Pakistan get my report in the past and no one reported any problems to me with finding what they needed to do the treatments. I think you should be fine, but if you have any problems, I might be able to help with some sources.

Thank you,

How To Get My Report and Detailed 50 Minute Instructional Video On Removing Your Warts For Good:

If you get my report online through the website using a credit or debit card, you can download it instantly in Adobe PDF format to your computer or phone. Then just read through it (takes about 10 to 15 minutes), watch the video if you want more details, and go to the store to get what you need. Then come back home and start the treatment. For most people, the average time to get rid of them is in the range of 2 to 3 weeks, although some people are quicker or take a little longer. Just depends on the person.

If you go back to the front page of the site you can start the order process by entering your name and email at the right side of the page. Click the button, then it will take you to the secure checkout where you can use any credit or debit card (or PayPal) to complete the purchase and download the report immediately. The link to the video is on the first page of the report for convenience.

And if you have any questions along the way just email me and I’ll be happy to help. That’s what I’m here for!

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