Can You Still Spread Genital Warts & HPV Even After You Get Rid Of The Warts?

A young woman (Aimee) recently wrote in to ask me this question about how contagious genital warts are even after you get rid of them. This is a very common thing people ask who are in the middle of their treatment and showing good progress or just considering giving my report a try.

Here is a clip from her e-mail:

You said it has been since 2006 (7 years) since you’ve seen any sign of warts.
I’ve done research, and it seems that even if the warts are not visible (they seem to be gone), they are still in your blood stream? I could have read wrong but if so, having sex may bring them back if unprotected?
I’m just thinking in future terms for when I have a husband…

Have you had unprotected sex and still no sign of them?
You think the blood stream thing is wrong?
Your research is obviously a lot deeper than mine was before I stumbled onto your website.

And here’s roughly the same question from Nathan:

I understand that your report has helped thousands of people get rid of genital warts which is great! But i still don’t understand just because the warts are gone for good that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are hpv free, does it? I mean just because the lesions are gone that doesn’t mean that the person is not contagious anymore, right? The only thing that is really changing is that there are no more symptoms of the virus. Does your report go beyond just clearing up the warts and possibly making the person noncontagious?

Ok, so here are my thoughts on this topic based on my own experience, as well as talking to many hundreds of people about this over the years and reading books and websites on genital warts and HPV.

It seems after all this time, a lot of people, websites and doctors out there are still going off of old information (from years ago) where they make people feel like they’re going to have HPV haunt them for life and that its going to continue to affect you dating, getting married, sex, kids, and everything else. More recent information says this really isn’t true. Yes, there are some STDs where that sort of effect IS true, but HPV genital warts is NOT one of them.

Some HPV researchers I follow have put out breakthrough research and one of the main ideas is if you can get rid of the warts and KEEP them gone for at least 6 months, you should be ok after that point because your body does the rest of the job. The reason why so many people have it for years is because they were never able to get rid of the warts for good in the first place. When I read about this new info awhile back, I’m sure this is what happened in my case. I got rid of the warts and then enough time passed that my body just handled the rest on its own. Of course, this is statistical, meaning there will be a few people in extremely rare cases who can carry it around for longer – but for most people in normal circumstances, you can use this as a guide.

So that’s really what my report is all about; getting people to that 6 month point. A lot of the people who get my report have gone through all the normal treatments of burning/freezing/creams and apple cider vinegar and all that. The problem with this stuff is it rarely works and when it appears to, it only gets the SURFACE part of the wart and leaves the root underneath which is how it eventually comes back about 2 or 3 months later. The 2 main treatments in my report absorb in through the skin to get at the root and shrink it down to where when the wart goes away, there is no root left under the skin for anything in the future to start with. That’s how the whole process becomes like a game of “whack-a-mole” where you get rid of all of them in one area, but you may have roots in other areas – so you just treat those next and eventually you should reach a point where nothing comes back at all. After that, the clock starts for the 6 month time period and as long as nothing comes back during that time, you can go on and live normally again.

Throughout this whole process the strength of your immune system will play a big role. So that is one reason I have the 2 anti-viral immune boosting techniques in the second half of my report. One was sent to me by an OB-GYN a couple years back and the other I got from reading the papers of a respected panel of doctors doing anti-viral research (full details in the report.)

In my case, from the time I got rid of any visible signs to the time I had sex with anyone other than the original girl, was around 8 months. So that’s a little longer than the 6 months the doctors say. And that girl as well as anyone since has never had any problems with pap tests or any warts or any visible signs at all. So I think during that 8 month period is when it completely went away for me. Exactly when is impossible to tell.

Remember that HPV lives in the SKIN, NOT the blood! So that is why normal STD tests don’t pick it up. You need to get a skin sample test from the area to really test it. The main way genital warts spread is direct skin to skin contact so having no visible genital warts for a long time cuts the risk down a LOT. But if you had an opening in your skin somewhere it could still be spread during that “limbo time” before your body gets rid of it. As for spreading it through other fluids like semen, I’m still not sure if HPV can be spread that way. Others can, but I’m not sure if HPV behaves that way or not. As soon as I have reliable information on this from a trusted source, I will report here and let you know. As of right now, most of the evidence suggests HPV lives in the skin and spreads skin-to-skin.

In the meantime, my personal opinion is to always err on the side of caution and always use a condom, especially with someone new.

And for anyone else interested in learning more about the genital warts treatment in my report, feel free to call or email and ask me a question or go to my main page where the video there tells my personal story and all the details of how to get the report and get started on your treatment immediately.

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