Can You Still Spread Genital Warts & HPV Even After You Get Rid Of The Warts?

A young woman (Aimee) recently wrote in to ask me this question about how contagious genital warts are even after you get rid of them. This is a very common thing people ask who are in the middle of their treatment and showing good progress or just considering giving my report a try.

Here is a clip from her e-mail:

You said it has been since 2006 (7 years) since you’ve seen any sign of warts.
I’ve done research, and it seems that even if the warts are not visible (they seem to be gone), they are still in your blood stream? I could have read wrong but if so, having sex may bring them back if unprotected?
I’m just thinking in future terms for when I have a husband…

Have you had unprotected sex and still no sign of them?
You think the blood stream thing is wrong?
Your research is obviously a lot deeper than mine was before I stumbled onto your website.

And here’s roughly the same question from Nathan:

I understand that your report has helped thousands of people get rid of genital warts which is great! But i still don’t understand just because the warts are gone for good that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are hpv free, does it? I mean just because the lesions are gone that doesn’t mean that the person is not contagious anymore, right? The only thing that is really changing is that there are no more symptoms of the virus. Does your report go beyond just clearing up the warts and possibly making the person noncontagious?

Ok, so here are my thoughts on this topic based on my own experience, as well as talking to many hundreds of people about this over the years and reading books and websites on genital warts and HPV.

It seems after all this time, a lot of people, websites and doctors out there are still going off of old information (from years ago) where they make people feel like they’re going to have HPV haunt them for life and that its going to continue to affect you dating, getting married, sex, kids, and everything else. More recent information says this really isn’t true. Yes, there are some STDs where that sort of effect IS true, but HPV genital warts is NOT one of them.

Some HPV researchers I follow have put out breakthrough research and one of the main ideas is if you can get rid of the warts and KEEP them gone for at least 6 months, you should be ok after that point because your body does the rest of the job. The reason why so many people have it for years is because they were never able to get rid of the warts for good in the first place. When I read about this new info awhile back, I’m sure this is what happened in my case. I got rid of the warts and then enough time passed that my body just handled the rest on its own. Of course, this is statistical, meaning there will be a few people in extremely rare cases who can carry it around for longer – but for most people in normal circumstances, you can use this as a guide.

So that’s really what my report is all about; getting people to that 6 month point. A lot of the people who get my report have gone through all the normal treatments of burning/freezing/creams and apple cider vinegar and all that. The problem with this stuff is it rarely works and when it appears to, it only gets the SURFACE part of the wart and leaves the root underneath which is how it eventually comes back about 2 or 3 months later. The 2 main treatments in my report absorb in through the skin to get at the root and shrink it down to where when the wart goes away, there is no root left under the skin for anything in the future to start with. That’s how the whole process becomes like a game of “whack-a-mole” where you get rid of all of them in one area, but you may have roots in other areas – so you just treat those next and eventually you should reach a point where nothing comes back at all. After that, the clock starts for the 6 month time period and as long as nothing comes back during that time, you can go on and live normally again.

Throughout this whole process the strength of your immune system will play a big role. So that is one reason I have the 2 anti-viral immune boosting techniques in the second half of my report. One was sent to me by an OB-GYN a couple years back and the other I got from reading the papers of a respected panel of doctors doing anti-viral research (full details in the report.)

In my case, from the time I got rid of any visible signs to the time I had sex with anyone other than the original girl, was around 8 months. So that’s a little longer than the 6 months the doctors say. And that girl as well as anyone since has never had any problems with pap tests or any warts or any visible signs at all. So I think during that 8 month period is when it completely went away for me. Exactly when is impossible to tell.

Remember that HPV lives in the SKIN, NOT the blood! So that is why normal STD tests don’t pick it up. You need to get a skin sample test from the area to really test it. The main way genital warts spread is direct skin to skin contact so having no visible genital warts for a long time cuts the risk down a LOT. But if you had an opening in your skin somewhere it could still be spread during that “limbo time” before your body gets rid of it. As for spreading it through other fluids like semen, I’m still not sure if HPV can be spread that way. Others can, but I’m not sure if HPV behaves that way or not. As soon as I have reliable information on this from a trusted source, I will report here and let you know. As of right now, most of the evidence suggests HPV lives in the skin and spreads skin-to-skin.

In the meantime, my personal opinion is to always err on the side of caution and always use a condom, especially with someone new.

And for anyone else interested in learning more about the genital warts treatment in my report, feel free to call or email and ask me a question or go to my main page where the video there tells my personal story and all the details of how to get the report and get started on your treatment immediately.

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31 Responses to Can You Still Spread Genital Warts & HPV Even After You Get Rid Of The Warts?

  1. Nelson Morgan says:

    Have had cryotherapy which has removed the one wart i had. Could your report help me. Im not clear as to what it consists of. Is it creams or tablets?

    • Greg says:

      (I responded privately when this comment first came in but will answer some of it here again so others can see) The main methods in my report are topical, applied directly to the area. The topical methods do most of the “heavy lifting” of the treatment and then there are also 2 main immune boosting methods that are intended for support for those people who need them. The immune boosting methods are mostly oral, taking a combination of very specific supplements at very specific potency levels.

  2. vhel says:

    Hi! This is vhel from Philippines, Can I ask I have a genital warts it is OK to do sex with my partner? My partner cannot get my warts? Thank you

    • Greg says:

      (I replied privately when this comment originally came in) But to paraphrase, genital warts mainly spread via direct skin to skin contact so yes it is possible to spread them via sex if the wart area makes contact with the other person.

  3. Lorraine Baldwin says:

    Hi Greg, I live in country Queensland Australia, are the ingredients/components to your treatment readily available here?

    • Greg says:

      Hi Lorraine,

      Oh yes, definitely. After the U.S., Canada, and the UK, Australia is the next most popular country for people to get my report over the years. So I have total confidence that you should be able to find everything you need locally. And of course I’m always here to answer questions if anything too specific arises. Thank you!

  4. Robert Musa says:

    hi Greg
    i have had genital warts past one year now and i live in Kenya. i am interested in your report to combat them. can i get the tropical approach even from this region.
    thank you

    • Greg says:

      Hi Robert,

      Yes I’ve had people from Kenya get my report in the past and use it with success. When I refer to a “topical” treatment, I just mean one that is applied directly to the skin, directly to the wart area. People often confuse the words “topical” and “tropical” so I can understand where your confusion came from 🙂

      • Hafswa Mohamed says:

        Hi Greg.I live in Kenya it possible to get your report here?
        And will i be able to get the ingredients you will be recommending?

        • Greg says:

          Hi Hafswa,

          Thank you for taking the time to write. I have had some people from Kenya get my report in the past and they did not report any problems to me in finding what they needed locally to do their treatments. So I think you should be fine. If you have a compatible payment card, you can get my report and video online through this website by going to the front page and entering your info in the form on the right, which will take you to the secure checkout. If you have any problems with that, please email me directly using the contact page and I’ll be happy to help you out with a different option.

          Thank you

  5. Sha says:

    Hi Greg I’m sha from Mozambique. If any warts appear on the penice, does it mean HPV infected?

    • Greg says:

      All warts are caused by some form of HPV by definition, no matter where they are located on the body. So yes if there are warts on the penis that are correctly identified as warts, then they are being caused by HPV.

  6. Francis says:

    hi greg, i am francis from argentina.
    what happened to me is that I applied apple cider vinegar and it’s been 7 months since i don’t have any warts, but the area what I applied the vinegar it seems a little white (like burned). the skin color is different from what it is in the rest of the pennis. Is this normal from when you applied apple cider vinegar.
    Sorry for the bad english, but I would really like and answer from somebody that understand this condition, that, as you may know, it leaves you stressful and a little sad.

    thank you.

    • Greg says:

      Hi Francis,

      Yes, I’ve heard of things like that happening before. A lot of people who try the apple cider vinegar thing can get some pretty bad burning from it, which is one of several reasons why I’ve never recommended it. It’s a common treatment online in forums and whatnot, but it tends to cause severe skin irritation issues and the long term effectiveness tends not to be very good for a great many people. However there are a few who can find some success with it, which is why it is still talked about.

      I always want to make it clear to people considering my report as an option that my warts report and methods have absolutely nothing to do with apple cider vinegar or anything like that and the results are often more gentle and lasting due to attacking the root of the wart and not just the surface of the skin along the top of it.

  7. Zandie says:

    Hi how does this apple cider thing works do u drink it or apply it directly on the warts?,is this apple cider alcohol or what? I don’t understand,do people mix d cider with vinigeror and wash with it or use one of the two,can it be spread by using towels used by d person having the virus? Does any apple cider works or there’s a specific cider for this treatment

    • Greg says:

      Hi Zandie,

      I’ve never recommended apple cider vinegar for treating genital warts and it’s not mentioned in my report anywhere. I know it’s a popular treatment you hear a lot about on forums and whatnot, but the fact is it burns a lot of people’s skin for up to 2 weeks at a time and after the area heals the warts are usually still there. It can work for some people which is why the myth persists online, but many of these cases seem to be temporary successes with the warts returning at some point in the future. It never worked on me and the thousands of people I’ve talked to over the years have never had many nice things to say about it as well. So for that reason, I just stay away from it altogether.

      But to answer the specifics of your question, apple cider vinegar is a light brown colored liquid you can buy in the condiments/cooking/baking section in Walmart. Heinz makes a form of it with the bottle labeled “with the Mother” which is generally considered to be better quality than the normal cheap stuff. The “Mother” version of it has little pieces floating around in the liquid and is somewhat cloudy. People usually apply it by pouring it over the area or soaking cotton balls and taping them directly to the affected area.

      Again, this is not something I recommend for long term success with warts and it’s not what my report and research is about in the slightest.

      Thank you,

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Greg
    My boyfriend has a big walt next to his balls edge of hs penis,I ddnt even know wat it was and that it could be contagious.We have been dating for over a year now.I recently notice small walts on my vaginal erea.Have I contact d virus. Wat should do?I don’t think h knew dat it was contagious,I asked him about it h told m his Dr burnt d one on the other side when h went for circumcision bt could do the other one.Its still d same size it doesn’t grow.Im worried sick Please advise me.

    • Greg says:


      I’ve had people from South Africa get my report before and no one has ever reported any problems to me in finding what they needed locally to follow the treatments and methods. So I think you should be fine in that regard. Contact me privately by email and I can help you to the next step.

      Thank you,

  9. Darrin says:

    Being in a mognomonous relationship for 20+ years, is it possible to have had genital warts from a relationship before that and only show signs now?
    Alternately is it possible that my wife had warts within her for those 20+ years and I have only contracted it now? (I know I’ve been faithfully and she denies anything as well)

    Also, since we have both now had it and been cleared up (me 6+ months after topical medicine – her about a month after burning/freezing treatments) – can we pass it back and forth if we have unprotected sex? Or, if we use a condom will that suffice for the next couple (5 or so) months.

    Lastly – since I have been clear for 6+ months is felatio pretty much no risk now?

    • Greg says:

      Hi Darrin,

      In the 11 years I’ve been helping people with genital warts, less than 10 people have ever come to me with that exact problem of something coming up after 20+ years. All of them swore they had never touched anyone other than their spouse, and yet they had genital warts all of a sudden. Typically this is not something that spontaneously occurs, but as to whether it can remain dormant in someone for that long, I am not sure. Normally the threat of warts goes down dramatically after 2 years of being cleared (not to zero, but very small chances) and I have heard of people having something come back in rare situations 5 years or so afterwards, but never much longer than that. So I just don’t know. If it can remain dormant for that long and then appear, it must be some incredibly rare situation. That’s all I can really say about that.

      Anyway, glad to hear you have gotten it under control. After 6 months have passed, the time frame risk is just a personal decision at that point. Like I said before, after 2 years it goes down even more dramatically, but not to zero. So I can’t say “there is no risk at this point” because there is always a small chance, it’s just that that chance is ever-decreasing with time. Burning and freezing treatments don’t always get the root the first time which is why some people have to go back for repeat treatments. People who use the methods in my report tend to have fewer problems with recurring warts since it attacks the root under the skin and shrinks it down.

      Condoms are a good idea, but just keep in mind the main reason they are not perfect for every situation as protection is that they only protect the penis itself and would do nothing to stop warts from spreading from the pubic hair area, for example. Direct skin to skin contact is how this usually spreads.

  10. sasy says:

    is it for sure that HPV goes away completely and the victim will have a normal life after the specific time (6 month wit ought symptoms)?
    and what is the reason that scientists have not been able to find a cure?

    • Greg says:

      Nothing is for certain – when dealing with ailments and varying types of body chemistries across wide swaths of people, it’s all statistics and probability. Some people have much easier times getting rid of genital warts while others have a terribly frustrating time with it. The CDC, for example, says that after 2 years, over 90% of genital warts cases should resolve. At least that was what the literature said some years ago when I checked and I’m not aware if they’ve updated it since I last checked. However very few, if any, people want to just wait around to see what happens. A lot of people (myself included) want to take direct action when there is a problem and resolve it as quickly as possible. A lot of people want some reassurance and some kind of time frame to compare against so-called “average cases”, so I came up with the estimates of major milestone time frames consisting of 6 months for Milestone #1 and 2 years for Milestone #2, generally speaking. These are based on the CDC data, books I’ve read on genital warts/HPV as well as anecdotal evidence of what I’ve collected over the years when talking with people about their feedback on their genital warts treatment. When compiled all together, some general rough estimates emerge and from that we can provide some comfort to people who are looking for signs they are having a successful treatment. The methods in my report attack the warts themselves, not the HPV which causes the warts, so in that respect it’s not a so-called “cure.” The only reason I ever used that word to begin with is because it’s what people search for when using the search engines, and it helps people find the site more easily when the site matches the same vocabulary they are typing. What scientists have been unable to do is develop a shot or some other method that directly kills the virus from the outset, but from what I’ve experienced, such a “cure” is probably unnecessary for most cases of genital warts anyway. A lot of people who successfully treat this themselves can clear it up completely and go on living normal lives afterward as long as nothing tries to come back within 2 years. Again, it’s all statistics, but it’s certainly a lot better than nothing. I’m not entirely sure what happens to the virus in these successful cases, but it could be theorized that clearing all the warts away and keeping them gone allows for the body to take more control over the situation and suppress or eradicate any threats that may remain. I don’t know. But what I do know is that a lot of people have been helped with alternative methods when used properly and with patience and diligence.

  11. Irish says:

    I have genital warts and been applying topical cream for treatment..can u help me on how to completely make it go away,the best remedy that would kill the root too..thank u..its stressing me lately,and im glad i came up with your blog,..

    • Greg says:

      Sure, I’d be happy to help, but I’ll need to know more info. What kind of cream are you using, what all have you tried so far, how do they look right now compared to when you started, etc. Please use the contact form on my contact page to email me about this and I’ll respond a lot better that way by email.

  12. Kim says:

    Hi Greg,

    Looking for a little insight from someone who has dealt with the same issues. 10 years ago I found out I had HPV/ genital warts. It was very devestating, many people say oh it’s just a minor inconvieniece, but for someone that actually has it and has to deal with it that is simply not the case. Within the first 8 months I had 4 small ones appear all very close together, they were frozen off, fast forward to 10 months later and 4 more appeared in the same spot this time even smaller, they were frozen off again. It has now been a total of 9 years and I have not had another appear. I know they say once the warts are gone and time has passed you are Considered as your body has cleared the virus, my question is do you think after 9 years of no recuurances, would you say someone is no longer contagious to others and free to go about a normal life/ sexual life without the constant worry of spreading this to someone else? I have read a ton on this, some say after years without recurrence you can safely move on with life and others say HPV/ warts are for life with or without symptoms. Also is the entire genital area contagious or just the areas where warts appeared? I have read almost everything on your website and I know your system is mostly for people with current visual warts. But I know you’ve clearly been wart free for years now also, have you had any issues with possible transmission to others after all this time? Thank you for your time, and your kindness on this matter.

  13. Felistus says:

    am a lady in Kenya. I have had warts for the past over one year. I can’t remember having unprotected sex, but caressing. Maybe that’s how I got them. They not painful and Pap test was negative.

    I have noticed the one wart started spreading to the perineum and now in the vagina (don’t have the medical term.
    Is your report safe for those area? Will I be able to get all the recommended ingridients?
    How long does it take to treat?

    • Greg says:

      Hi Felistus,

      My first thought is wondering if perhaps what you have might not really be genital warts, but if you’ve already confirmed this and are sure, then my report/video can definitely help for warts in the areas you’re describing. It’s a very good sign you have a negative pap test, so it could be the only real issue you have to concern yourself with are the warts themselves (if they are warts) – to answer your questions directly, yes the treatments in my report are safe for that area and you should be fine in that regard. I’ve had a few people in Kenya get my report in the past and no one ever reported any problems to me in finding what they need. Generally speaking, the average time it takes someone to treat their case of warts is 2 to 3 weeks, but of course there are people who take only a few days (like I did) but that is extremely rare and definitely not the normal case. There are also people who take over a month to clear their warts, but that too is also not a normal case.

      If you have any more questions feel free to email me from the contact form on my site and that will go to my personal email and I’ll be able to answer more directly than by posting a reply comment on the blog here.

      Thank you,

  14. Ester says:

    I first found your site when viewing YouTube videos. Then I bookmarked your site and today I woke up just to read it thoroughly. Am feeling positive about your methods and would like to try. Though I have removed several genital warts that appeared and spread during pregnancy via Apple Cider Vinegar, I am not satisfied. I live in constant fear that I might give these to my baby during diaper changes, and I find myself washing my hands severally just to prevent it from happening. This is causing me a lot of stress, which, according to what I have read, can cause warts outbreaks. I would like to remove these warts and their roots. If I successfully do so then I will have peace of mind and will feel that my baby is safe. I live outside the US but I have read comments written by fellow Kenyans. So does PayPal work for you. Thanks.

    • Greg says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write.

      To answer your question, yes, PayPal is fine, thank you. I just replied to your comment by sending you an email to your email address. A lot of people have had unsatisfactory results with apple cider vinegar and I think you’ll have much better results with my report.

      If you go back to the front page of the site you can start the order process by entering your name and email at the right side of the page. Click the button, then it will take you to the secure checkout where you can choose PayPal as the payment method to complete the purchase and download the report immediately. The link to the video is on the first page of the report for convenience.

      And if you have any questions along the way just email me and I’ll be happy to help.

      Thank you,

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