Genital Warts Pictures On Both Men and Women

What a wart looks like on the inside and under the skinThere are a lot of genital warts photos you can see on the internet, but what I’ve tried to do here is provide a resource showing you different ways warts can form and also the types of things people usually MISTAKE for warts.

Keep in mind that MOST PEOPLE’S genital warts do NOT look as bad the photos you’ll find around the internet and even a few of the pictures I have here on this site. The average man or woman with the average case of warts only has anywhere from 1 single wart up to 4 or 5 at the same time. It is kinda rare that someone contacts me who is already into an advanced stage where they’re as bad as a lot of the photos you see online. However, even if you are in an advanced stage, the treatments in my report can still work fine.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. I know what you’re going through and have talked to many, many hundreds of people about this issue.

A REALLY bad case of genital warts around the head of the penis

Above is a photo of a REALLY BAD case of warts around the head. It is very rare that they develop to this advanced stage before being treated but it can happen. Like I said before, most people who get my report have anywhere from 1 to 5 warts and they’re typically small. In a case like the above picture, I’d say he needs to skip straight to method 2 in my report and attack the warts directly at the root.

A more dry case of warts

This is a more “dry” case of warts where they’re shell-like, similar to scabs. Typically the warts with the harder exterior require the strength of method 2 in my report so that the treatment can get down through to the root.

Female genital warts

This is an old physicians photo of female genital warts that have gotten out of hand. If you are female and thinking about getting my report to treat your case, please check out my page on female fordyce spots first just to make sure that’s not what you have. It’s a common mistake.

Genital warts on the side of the penis

This is how genital warts can develop along the side of the shaft. They can group together, or they can separate out into pairs or single warts away from all the others, as in the next photo.

Doctors hand examining a genital wart

The best people to examine and diagnose genital warts are either dermatologists or STD doctors. General practice physicians and family doctors often aren’t as up to date with their knowledge or information and I’ve had a lot of people tell me about how they were misdiagnosed because their small-time doctor just didn’t know any better. And shockingly, I’ve even had people tell me stories about how their doctor acted like it was nothing, cracked a joke, and told them to go home and wait for it to go away! That’s terrible!

Anal warts

A rare photo of anal warts. My report does work fine on anal warts as long as you can SEE and REACH the area well enough to apply the treatment and keep it on there for the required amount of time. As long as you can do that, you should be fine.

Good example of genital wart clusters on the penis

This picture is a good example of the scab-like warts forming in a tight cluster on the shaft of the penis. Again, this is much worse than most people experience.

Single warts spaced out on the penis

Above is a good example of single warts can space themselves out. A lot of people don’t realize that just because a common “symptom” is clustering, they can just as easily form separately too.

Female genital warts on the vulva

This is another physicians photo of female genital warts in the vulva area. Typically they don’t get this bad. Again, if you are female and thinking about getting my report to treat your warts, please check out my page on female fordyce spots to make sure that’s not what you have. It’s a common mistake a lot of women make.

Closeup of a couple of warts on the foreskin

Close-up photo of a couple of warts on the foreskin. Method 1 in my report works well on these types.

Ring of genital warts along the foreskin

Notice in the above picture how the warts formed in a ring along where the foreskin would roll up over the head, causing the warts to appear like the ones in the first photo at the top of this page. Method #1 in the report would work well against these.

Tight cluster on the penis shaft

Another tight cluster of genital warts on the penis shaft. Method 2 in my report would do well here because it could get through the dense cluster a lot easier.

More genital warts in men

Genital warts on the head of the penis

Tiny cluster of bumps on the penis shaft

This one shows a tiny cluster of bumps on the penis shaft, creating the appearance of a single, larger wart. It looks like one wart, but is really a bunch of small ones grouped together.

Genital warts cluster

Same thing as above, but the large wart is smoother and surrounded by a few tiny warts that look like they’re about to get bigger soon.

Genital warts that look like herpes

This photo is a good example where a guy had genital warts that looked a lot like herpes, which is one of the things some guys mistake for warts and vice versa. The thing to remember about herpes is that they are usually painful, rashy blisters – whereas genital warts are often painless and do not cause a red rash to develop. And since herpes are blisters, they often contain a liquid.

Things People MISTAKE For Genital Warts

When you’re searching online for answers and what you have kinda looks like the photos but not quite, it’s almost impossible to find someone who actually KNOWS what they’re talking about enough to give you a straight answer! So if you are thinking about getting my report to treat your case, here are some things to check for FIRST, so you can be sure you’re not wasting your time.

#1. Fordyce spots check out my pages on male fordyce spots and female fordyce spots. They are very common and can pop up overnight. When they do, people often freak out needlessly.

#2. Molluscum contagiosum Although my report is not specifically FOR molluscum, some people have written in to me saying that method 2 helped their case. Others say it had no effect on their molluscum. I have no idea why the responses are so diverse, but it doesn’t really matter since my report and video are all about treating WARTS, not molluscum. See my page on it for more info and photos.

#3. Male yeast infection These are often itchy, red rashy areas that can look similar to pimples or just a dried out area of skin. By pure accident, I discovered that method 1 in my report actually works very well against most cases of male yeast infection. See my page on male yeast infection at the link above.

#4. Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) These are white little glans that develop around the rim of the penis head. They can form very quickly, leading some guys to think its an STD, when really its just some glans under the skin that have started to stick out. About 30% of guys get these, and it’s no big deal. See my page on penile papules at the link above for more info.

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