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After Clearing HPV Genital Warts Is the Virus Still In Your Blood Stream?

Recently I got the following email from a woman asking: Dear Greg, Thank you for your interest. 3 months ago I had sex with someone. Here they had the warts removed at one time but he never told me. (Which … Continue reading

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Male Yeast Infection – Sometimes Confused For Genital Warts [PHOTOS]

Pretty much everyone is familiar with yeast infections when it comes to women, but few people know that men can get them too. In fact, male yeast infection is one of the several most common things that is mistaken for … Continue reading

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Can You Still Spread Genital Warts & HPV Even After You Get Rid Of The Warts?

A young woman (Aimee) recently wrote in to ask me this question about how contagious genital warts are even after you get rid of them. This is a very common thing people ask who are in the middle of their … Continue reading

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